This month’s SIPS TIPS are focused on costing a SIPS structure….and focusing on the BIG PICTURE!!  Generally the material cost of SIPS over stick framing lumber costs are approximately 20% higher. The increase in material costs makes sense when you consider other reductions of the total project that SIPS enable:

  • Insulation is INCLUDED! Superior rigid foam EPS insulation that far exceeds the performance of outdated leaky bat insulation.
  • Labor is decreased significantly, as panels arrive to the jobsite pre-fabricated in large sections per your floor plans.
  • Few gaps in the structure (where lumber would typically connect to other lumber) reduces the amount of heat and cooling loss by an average of up to 60%, so the HVAC requirements of a structure are drastically reduced.
  • Jobsite framing waste is almost eliminated, as the panels don’t need to be cut in the field. The savings of waste are an average of 30% over stick framed structures. (saving waste that normally would go into our landfills)
  • Finish work labor is reduced, the envelope is engineered so the structure is straight and plumb reducing the need for shimming, and accommodating bowed stick framed walls that stick framed structure regularly combat.

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