Build for the Future with Sustainable SIPs

Sustainability starts with the building envelope! Buildings account for almost half of energy consumption and emissions, so making the smart choice in building envelope selection is key to protecting our natural resources.

Premier SIPS systems offer unsurpassed environmental benefits. Finished SIPs buildings reduce the energy consumed and emitted, regularly by up to 60%. The core materials used to manufacture SIPs are renewable and recyclable. Jobsite waste for SIPs construction is reduced by an average 30%. And these are just some of the sustainable features.

All of which have led industry professionals to design and build with SIPs for decades, to make an impact for the greater good of our planet and future generations.

Why Canterra Construction chooses Premier SIPS

When it comes to performance, through the entire lifecycle of a building, Premier SIPS are the smartest framing system choice in every way. Architects, Engineers, and Contractors who have a passion for their craft, and want to leave a legacy through the buildings they create choose Structural Insulated Panels over stick-framed structures.